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Goat Milk Soap

Why Red Dirt Road Soap when there are so many to choose from?

  • First and foremost, I make it for my family and why would I give them anything but the best wholesome and pure ingredients. Your skin is your largest organ and very porous.  What you put on your body is just as significant as what you put in your mouth. What you buy off of the shelves is definitely cheaper, but it is actually a harsh chemical detergent , not soap. 
  • I use fresh, raw goat's milk that still has all of the vitamins, nutrients and yummy cream still intact that is so beneficial to our skin's health. 
  • I use the cold process method of making soap. The benefits of natural ingredients in the oils and butters used can be lost through the heating process of other techniques. The cold process method takes the most time, but is undoubtedly the best method for producing the highest quality soaps. It requires a curing period of 4 to 6 weeks. I cure mine for at least 6 weeks, which makes for a harder, longer lasting bar.
  • My bars weigh at least 5.8 oz. I like a hefty bar. 
  • You are probably aware of phthalates and parabens.  Phthalates are linked to reproductive disorders and parabens, which are a preservative, are linked to cancer. You will not find any of these in my products.